Market Segmentation Analytics

“If markets are to be segmented and cultivated, they must meet certain requirements. Segments must be Measurable, Substantial, Accessible, Differentiable and Actionable.” Philip Kotler

This is what exactly Marketways Arabia helps our clients to achieve.

Our Market Segmentation Analytics help you classify your market into various smaller markets comprising of consumers  with a similar taste, demand and preference.This helps our clients target each market segment with specific market strategies and gain maximum optimization.

We offer segmentation techniques based on customer Demographics, Psycho-graphic as well as  Behavioristic Segmentation. We use sophisticated Customer Analytics to identify your market segments based on various marketing criteria as per your business priorities.

We use Rigorous advanced statistical techniques including factor analysis, discriminant analysis, k-means and hierarchical clustering, latent class segmentation, and Factor Segmentation etc to search for and identify patterns in the data based on several marketing and customer parameters like, by demographic segment, or by psychographics and lifestyles by product or service, by price sensitivity by geographic area. Advanced segmentation also factors in consumers needs, expectation and  behavior and how some customers are similar or different in these attributes.

Based on these Markets segmentation models using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithm we categorize customers into several groups based on similar profile, behavior attitudes, needs, and expectations. The size and potential of each market segment is then determined, and best fit marketing strategy to handle each segment is developed based on the segment characteristics.