Range of Research Solutions

Brand Audit Analysis

We provide Range of Research Solutions and our customized Brand Audit studies determine how customers perceive our clients brand and help evaluate whether the vision of our clients for their brand identity matches what people see.

Based on the results we provide specific recommendations to our clients that are aimed to bring their brand into alignment with their marketing plans.

To arrive at a brand audit score for our clients, we examine all element of their brand identity – from Signage, POS, Marketing Collateral, Advertising, Corporate Website and everything else to see whether they are in sync or in conflict their strategies. We also obtain the perception of our clients stakeholders- their customers, their competitor’s customers and even their employees too in order to give them .

Our studies include measurement of Brand Awareness, Brand Image, Brand Equity, Brand Value and Brand Impact and assess brand’s integrity and consistency using a Judicious combination of

  • Customer Satisfaction Measurement
  • Mystery Shopping Surveys
  • Competition Bench-marking

We have conducted Brand Audits for clients in retail, electronics, hospitality, FMCG’s, construction, garments industries. We have also helped launch new brands in various industries including Government Campaigns in Dubai and Abu Dhabi!

Mystery Shopping Survey

We provide a balanced and structured multi-lingual, multi-transaction and multi-channel Mystery Shopping System for statistically validated results.

Our Mystery Shopping Surveys are based on regular and periodic service standard audits of the various branches and centers of the client organization and are conducted through a combination of Mystery Shoppers and Observation Techniques which measure pre-specified quality attributes using tools like Balanced Score cards and KPI’s, etc.

We help you observe your Customer Experience!

Our Mystery evaluations are not only internally oriented i.e. comparing service quality performances of various branches but are also External-Focused for relative positioning and comparison to Best Practices in the region as well as globally in view of UAE’s emerging position as one of the top business location in the world.

We offer range of research solutions and each of our Mystery Shopping event and incident is carefully calibrated based on the components of customer profile and transaction types to ensure that all aspects of dealings in terms of customer profile and transaction combinations are measured in a robust representative manner for statistical validation of the results.

Audio and Video recordings of the Mystery Shopping surveys are provided wherever possible.

Highlights of Our Mystery Shopper Surveys

Balanced Mix of Consumer Profiles

Enacting a Mix of Product Buying Stages

Combination of different shopping channels

Regular and Frequent Site Visits

Accurate Replication of Consume Behavior

Trained and Attentive Mystery Shoppers

Audio & Video Surveillance During Site Visits

We have conducted Mystery Shopping for 

  • High End Restaurants
  • Fast Food Restaurants
  • Groceries & Supermarkets
  • Retail Outlets
  • Electronics & Consumer Goods
  • Governments Departments
  • Banks & Money Exchange Houses
  • Hospitals & Pharmacies

We have conducted Mystery Shopping Surveys in

  • All of U.A.E including western region
  • All of GCC
  • Northern Africa & Middle East
  • South Asia

Qualitative Focus Groups

We specialize in conducting Qualitative research through well organized Focus Groups. These are used mainly for Exploratory research.

We organize optimum groups of participants and engage them in an interesting and meaningful group discussions where in the perceptions, beliefs and views of each participants are brought out in an unbiased and a non judgmental manner. The Feedback on Clients New or existing products, concepts or services are gathered through such discussions lasting around 2 Hours.

Once the qualitative data is collected we used advanced text analytics techniques to analyse and develop report with in-depth insights on participants understanding, perception and views on the topic of discussion.

Customer Attitude, Usage & Behavior Surveys

These surveys gather data on customers beliefs and attitudes as they are the deciding factors on how a potential customers will react and interact with your products and services.Customer attitudes are a complex combination of their value systems, beliefs , emotions and intention towards yours and other products in the market and are foundation of their intentions. Understanding customer attitudes will help you to target right kind of marketing communications and efforts to change their feelings and intention about your products.

Customer Usage Surveys help in providing you valuable information towards how they use a particular product or service while Customer Behavior surveys help to understand their psychographic profiles and lifestyle patterns related to your products and services.

Our consultants are experts in designing Customer Attitude and Usage surveys in order to bring out deep insights about customers attitudes and behavioral patterns in context of your your products and services.

Please Contact Us on how we can help you design a meaningful Customer Attitude survey.

Benchmarking Studies

Our benchmarking studies help you to measure how your products and service standards compare with the international benchmarks and or regional/local benchmarks in your Industry and help you to set your standards higher and in a meaningful manner to maximize customer engagement and satisfaction. In view of the difference in cultural and local business environment, we help you to also modify and adapt the international benchmarks for your specific business vision and needs so that the measurement and comparison is meaningful and relevant to your business.

We also provide your benchmarking studies to measure & compare your Competition offers and services through our Competition Analytics solutions.