Our Research Types


Marketways offers different types of Research methods that fulfills the needs of each and every type of customer across all industries.

Our Research methods meet very high standards of quality and fulfill the needs of our customers.


Business Feasibility Studies

The foundation of a successful business venture invariably depends on the comprehensive knowledge of the market environment the business is into. We accurately measure key market parameters that facilitate well informed decisions, realistic visions and feasible business models.

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Mystery Shopping Surveys

The success of any business depends on the way it treats its customers. Find out first-hand how your customers are treated. We provide a balanced and structured multi-lingual, multi-transaction and multi-channel mystery shopping system for statistically validated results.

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Customer Satisfaction Surveys

“Your unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” – Bill Gates

Listening to your customers and knowing their opinions and needs is the first step towards earning Customer Loyalty and achieving sustainable growth. We generate a comprehensive understanding of customer opinions and feedback to create long term relationships and high Customer Lifetime Values.

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Employee Satisfaction Surveys

A Happy Employee is a Productive Employee!

Bench-marking work environments and working towards excellence in performance and attitude results in capabilities to shape the market and achieve sustainable growth. Marketways Employee Satisfaction Solutions conduct transparent and valuable employee surveys that enrich the work-lifestyle within organizations.

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Brand Audit

Our customized Brand Audit studies determine how customers perceive your brand and evaluate whether your vision for your brand identity matches what people see. Based on the results we provide specific recommendations to our clients that are aimed to bring their brand into alignment with their marketing plans.

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Customer Analytics

Our Market Segmentation techniques help you bifurcate your market into various smaller markets comprising of consumers with a similar taste, demand and preference. This helps our clients target each market segment with specific market strategies.  We also offer techniques based on Psycho-graphic as well as  Behavioristic Segmentation.

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