Return on Marketing Investment Studies

Do you know if your marketing budgets are giving you the right returns?

Do your marketing investments and advertising campaigns bring in the customers you want?

Marketing investments are necessary to maintain the brand visibility and stay ahead of competition but the benefits of these investments are often not measured scientifically.

Our Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) analysis helps you to determine, measure & quantify the effectiveness of your marketing, advertisements, promotion and PR campaigns.

We @ Marketways develop realistic and accurate model to track and measure the impact of Paid, Earned and Owned media on various key performance indicators and can help you to optimize your marketing mix for the best returns.

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Our Marketing Mix Model

We develop customized models on your marketing mix which also studies the competitor activities and external factors like market trends, economic factors etc. that impact your marketing investments which in turn affect the business KPIs’.

Our model quantifies the impact on various key performance indicators like client’s BTS, BTL, Destination campaigns, Brand and Value Added (VA) campaigns on manifold of brand and business metrics.

Calculating Return on Marketing Investment

Successfully measuring key marketing drivers, campaign performance and comparing results across different channels has never been more important. At Marketways, our experts can help you improve marketing return on investment by conducting a detailed ROMI Analysis and successfully measuring marketing activity so that you can invest in what gives you optimum results and continuously improving upon it.

Analyze Current Business Performance & Decompose Sales

To assure the results are important and relevant to the goals of the organization, we guide you in analyzing your current business performance and decompose sales based on historical data and spend base.


Identification and definition of Model Components and variables

To set up the model, the model components, dependent and independent variables which affect your sales directly or indirectly will be identified & defined.

Development and Validation of the Models and variables

Once the variables are created, they will be validated through multiple tests using statistical techniques to develop the best fit model which explains the inter-relation between the marketing activities and sales/volume accurately and consistently.

Measuring Effectiveness using the Model

The model will be deployed to calculate the effectiveness of each of the marketing activities and elements in terms of their contribution to sales-volume, or inquiry generation etc. and hence their effectiveness.

Development of Optimization Algorithms

Optimization Algorithms will help maximize the ROI by developing an optimum combination of various marketing activities.

Using Model for Prediction of optimal Marketing Mix

The model will then be used to simulate various What If marketing scenarios which can be used to allocate the resources/budgets and frequency and time for various marketing activity  in different combination and predict their impact on the sales/inquiry generation capability.