Data Analysis & Machine Learning Solutions

We apply data science to business operations and help clients who are Data Rich but “Information Poor” to use data to make better decisions.

Data Analytics & Machine Learning Solutions


We offer vendor independent statistical and Data Analytical Consulting, Training, and data Mining services related to quantitative as well as qualitative analysis.

How can we help to improve your Profitability and Bottom Line Results?

Using a unique combination of High End Analytics on corporate and external data coupled with well integrated market research solutions, we help clients gain deep insight, make decisions and predict future outcomes.

This is achieved through cutting edge Growth Analytics, including Predictive Market Foresight, Growth Drivers Analytics, Predictive Consumer Analytics, and econometric forecasting tools.

Some of the Business Applications for which we have built highly effective data-driven models and solutions are:


Marketing Strategies

Customer Journey Analytics Customer Experience Management

Customer Lifetime Value Analysis

Customer segmentation, Customer Satisfaction
Voice of the Customer studies Price Optimization

Market Basket Analysis

Marketing Campaigns Effectiveness

Risk Management

Operations Planning

Mitigation of credit risk Performance management

Fraud detection

Recommendation systems Supply Chain solutions.

Decision Support System

We work with all industries!

And specialize in Media, Retail, Hospitality, Education, Healthcare, Finance, Transportation, Engineering delivering both data science consulting services, solutions and training.

Our Advanced Analytics Techniques and Models have helped in driving more effective business decisions by transforming data to real business value through evidence-based support in our client’s decision making. We using advance data mining and data science techniques like:

Predictive modeling,

Segmentation analysis

Classification Models

Cluster Analysis

Churn modeling Social Media Analytics
Web mining and scrapping Text mining and analytics

Natural language processing

Multivariate analysis

Forecasting Models, Optimization & Numerical simulations
Machine learning. Time Series forecasting

Regression Modeling