Fleet Optimization of a Large Logistics Organization


Advanced Analytics techniques have been used for a large Logistics & Supply Chain organization having a high volume of Trucks for cargo transportation in GCC. Advanced Algorithms were applied for Fleet Optimization, Route Planning and Predictive maintenance based on the historical data as well as manifest of the incoming cargo.

The company has been able to make savings on its fuel cost and driving distance and overtime costs.

Furthermore the Truck drivers performance is also being analyzed more objectively resulting in more accurate reward systems and better employee morale.

However the initial models deployed need to be enhanced further since at the time of initial model development, the historical data available in the organization was neither complete or clean.

Encouraged by the success and savings because of the initial models, the company is now putting efforts to capture data on some more relevant variables and ensuring its accuracy and completeness with reasons for any missing data on critical variables being monitored carefully.

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