Since 2004, we have been a leading market research consultancy in Dubai. We offer expertise and full range of solutions in quantitative & qualitative research for all market segments.

We have worked on diverse project scopes across all major industries in the region. Hence, we truly understand the local environment. Consequently, we have come up with creative ways to conduct meaningful market research in the region.

Our market research data is carefully gathered, systematically validated and then interpreted by our statisticians and analysts who deliver clear and meaningful market foresights.

With out market research solutions our clients gain an in-depth knowledge map of the market landscape including their customers and competitors.

Business Feasibility Studies

The foundation of a successful business venture invariably depends on the comprehensive knowledge of the market environment the business is into. We accurately measure key market parameters that facilitate well informed decisions, realistic visions and feasible business models.

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Customer Satisfaction Surveys

“Your unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” Bill Gates

Listening to your customers and knowing their opinions and needs is the first step towards earning Customer Loyalty and achieving sustainable growth. Using customer analytics, we generate a comprehensive understanding of customer opinions and feedback to create long term relationships and high Customer Lifetime Values.

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Employee Satisfaction Surveys

A Happy Employee is a Productive Employee!

Bench-marking work environments and working towards excellence in performance and attitude results in capabilities to shape the market and achieve sustainable growth. Marketways Employee Satisfaction Solutions conduct transparent and valuable employee surveys that enrich the work-lifestyle within organizations.

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Mystery Shopping Surveys

The success of any business depends on the way it treats its customers. Find out first-hand how your customers are treated. We provide a balanced and structured multi-lingual, multi-transaction and multi-channel mystery shopping system for statistically validated results.

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Qualitative Focus Groups

We specialize in qualitative excellence through meticulously organized Focus Groups, designed for exploratory research. By curating optimal participant groups, fostering unbiased discussions, and employing advanced text analytics, we deliver comprehensive insights that empower strategic decision-making for our clients’ products, concepts, and services.

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The Information Highway to your Market!

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