Mystery Shopping Surveys

We provide a balanced and structured multi-lingual, multi-transaction and multi-channel Mystery Shopping Surveys for statistically validated results.

Our Mystery Shopping Surveys are based on regular and periodic service standard audits of the various branches and centers of the client organization and are conducted through a combination of Mystery Shoppers and Observation Techniques which measure pre-specified quality attributes using tools like Balanced Score cards and KPI’s, etc.

We help you observe your Customer Experience!

Our Mystery evaluations are not only internally oriented i.e. comparing service quality performances of various branches but are also External-Focused for relative positioning and comparison to Best Practices in the region as well as globally in view of UAE’s emerging position as one of the top business location in the world.

We offer range of research solutions and each of our Mystery Shopping event and incident is carefully calibrated based on the components of customer profile and transaction types to ensure that all aspects of dealings in terms of customer profile and transaction combinations are measured in a robust representative manner for statistical validation of the results.

Audio and Video recordings of the Mystery Shopping surveys are provided wherever possible.

Highlights of Our Mystery Shopper Surveys
  • Balanced Mix of Consumer Profiles
  • Enacting a Mix of Product Buying Stages
  • Combination of different shopping channels
  • Regular and Frequent Site Visits
  • Accurate Replication of Consume Behavior
  • Trained and Attentive Mystery Shoppers
  • Audio & Video Surveillance During Site Visits
We have conducted Mystery Shopping Surveys for:
  • High End Restaurants
  • Fast Food Restaurants
  • Groceries & Supermarkets
  • Retail Outlets
  • Electronics & Consumer Goods
  • Governments Departments
  • Banks & Money Exchange Houses
  • Hospitals & Pharmacies
We have conducted Mystery Shopping Surveys in:
  • All of U.A.E including western region
  • All of GCC
  • Northern Africa & Middle East
  • South Asia

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