Business Feasibility Studies

Marketways Arabia is a Leading Business Feasibility consultant in Dubai, providing techno-commercial Business Feasibility consulting studies Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE, GCC.

We have been conducting business feasibility studies in Dubai since 2004. We determine feasibility of Business Idea’s & Investment Strategies to assist clients in setting realistic expectations for sustainable growth. Our expertise lies in equipping our clients with a detailed knowledge map with defined boundaries within which a proposed Business Model & Strategy will be feasible.

Our Business Feasibility Studies are customized to correspond with the uniqueness of each business proposal and we use a combination of methods to create and validate the market landscape and competition scenario.

Business Feasibility Services

  • Techno-Commercial Business Feasibility
  • Business Conceptualization & Business Plan Development

  • Line of Business Optimization Studies

  • Risk & Opportunity Identification

  • Financial Feasibility and Resources Estimation Analysis

  • Investment & Portfolio Optimization

  • Market Entry Strategy

  • Market Landscape & Competition Analysis Studies

  • Business Sensitivity Analysis

  • Market & Wallet Share Analysis

Measure Twice. Cut Once.

Systematically determine what it means to be successful – before you start your journey.

Business Feasibility Studies Methodology

1.Analyze the Market

We systematically gather information on key market parameters that accurately illustrates all opportunities and risks associated with a given business model & strategy.Statistical Analysis

2. Statistical Aanalysis

The data gathered then undergoes a variety of statistical hypothesis and sophisticated tests to accurately reflect the feasibility and sensitivity of the given business model in current and expected market environments.

3. Feasibility Boundaries

Furthermore we identify and optimize threshold boundaries by conducting “What If” analysis and other tests to validate the feasibility boundaries for  the business model and hence facilitate well informed and conscientious decisions.

4. Envisage Vision & Growth

Having defined optimized market and business boundaries, we refine feasible business models into mature visions & strategies that achieve measurable and sustainable market growth.

Marketways measures the feasibility of a business model by determining

  • Prevalent opportunities and risks in local market environments.
  • Consumer Expectations , opinions and loyalty criteria.
  • Sensitivity of consumer behavior to branding, pricing  service quality
  • Impact of extrinsic factors on long term sustainability of business modeling .
  • Winning processes and coordination with potential partners and competitors.
  • Impressive experience in GCC region including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh & Muscat.

Marketways Business Feasibility Studies and Strategic Solutions offers

  • Expected and optimized business volumes
  • Maximized profits & and increased consumer loyalty.
  • Maximized productivity with lowered costs & risks.
  • Efficient processes and associated security measures for critical paths.
  • Effective & simple methods to increase market-share and brand awareness.
  • Ways to stay protected and ahead of market-competitors.

Competition Analytics

Through analysis of Competition Product Pricing, Social Media Analytics in Dubai & Riyadh and Competition Mystery Surveys, we are able to identify customer market share and growth strategies. With this, we are able to give our clients an in-depth over view of the Market Landscape.

Integrated with our Market Research Solutions, Our Customer Analytics gives you in-depth insight into what customers are looking for and new opportunities in new markets.

All our Sales & Marketing Strategies and recommendations are based on insights gained from Customer Analytics & Competition Analysis.

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