Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Marketways Arabia specializes in determining what satiates a customer’s wants and expectations. We strive to assist our clients meet and go beyond their customers’ expectations.
In today’s competitive market, customer loyalty is difficult to acquire. At Marketways Arabia, we believe that earning high customer satisfaction is the key to acquiring customer loyalty and is the foundation of any sustainable business and long term campaigns.

The best way to measure how satisfied customers are is to ask them and our expertise lies in asking different customers segments the right questions and using customer analytics to determine what is valuable to them using and how their expectations can be met.
Our Customer Satisfaction Surveys are more than just a scale of measuring businesses growth, they are methods that insures business growth.

As a proactive measure we focus not only on customer’s current satisfaction or dissatisfaction but also explore their future requirements and expectations in terms of service quality, product features, pricing, distribution and other aspects.

Key features of our Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Regular monitoring of Customer Satisfaction Attributes.
  • Measures changes in Customer Satisfaction Index.
  • Determines the underlying reasons for changes in the satisfaction levels.
  • Clear indication of corrective or reinforcement actions that need to be taken.
  • Determines if projected growth will be achieved as well as ways to achieve it.
Key features of our Customer Expectation Survey
  • Focus on exploring customer’s  future requirements and desires.
  • Indicates customers perception of standards and quality.
  • Provides Customers suggestions as future  solutions.
  • Assesses acceptability of new and  innovative solutions.
  • Explore customers preferences.
  • Helps deduce future opportunities and niches.
  • Ensures solutions are in line with  expectations.
Our Customer Satisfactions surveys includes
  • Customer Interviews
  • Customer Analytics
  • Customer Profiling
  • Market Segmentation
  • Pricing Sensitivity Analysis
  • Promotion Evaluations
  • Product Launch Strategies
We have experience in diverse industries including
  • FMCG’s & Supermarkets
  • Consumer Goods & Retail
  • Electronic Goods
  • Banking & Money Exchanges
  • Hospitals & Pharmacies
  • Governments Departments
  • Cosmetics & Garments
  • Schools & Universities

The Marketways Advantage

  • Increased Adaptability
  • Increased Consumer Loyalty
  • Brand Recognition & Accustomization.
  • Satisfied customers become proud endorsers
  • Ability to remain the Market Leader.
  • Reflects the pursuit of  Excellence.

The Information Highway to your Market!

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