Employees Satisfaction Surveys

Marketways Arabia conducts transparent and objective Employees Satisfaction Surveys with the aim of measuring employee motivational and performance levels, partner support levels, efficiency of internal & external processes, the effectiveness of the organizational structure, etc. Our measurements are based on pre-determined satisfaction attributes.

Our Employee surveys along with our Corporate Training Programs are oriented to enrich the work-lifestyle within our client organizations and to make our clients leaders in work environment standards.

We work with the aim of instilling the excellence in performance and attitude within our client organizations that enables them to achieve the capability to shape the market and achieve sustainable growth.

Our Employees Satisfaction Surveys are highly confidential with multiple anonymous channels for employees, partners, and other stakeholders to submit their responses confidentially!
Marketways Employee Satisfaction Surveys Features
  • Internal Process Evaluations
  • External Process Evaluations
  • Employee Engagement Surveys
  • Excellence Recognition Audits
  • Service Standard Evaluations
  • Motivation & Performance Levels
  • Incentive Schemes Effectiveness
  • Bench-marking to Standards
  • Highly Confidential
  • Multiple Anonymous Channels
  • Respondent Friendly
Employee & Partners Recognition Studies

We have developed Employee & Partner recognition and award systems based on key performance indicators in various Industries like Banking, Hospitals, Call Centers, Education, Logistics, Food, Hospitality, Retail and Government Departments. Most of these awards are periodic in nature like Quarterly Best Employee Awards, Quality Management Awards, Annual Retailer’s Award, etc and the performance criteria are dynamically adjusted to suit market and organization needs and growth.

The growth of client organizations towards excellence in terms of employee and partner motivational levels and organizational effectiveness are regularly measured and timely feedbacks are provided to ensure sustainable growth.

The success of our client organizations through our Employee Satisfaction Surveys and Corporate Training Program have become successful examples of the drive towards market excellence!

The Information Highway to your Market!

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