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We blend
AI, ML & Econometrics
to guide clients in realising their vision.

Our specialisation lies in a diverse array of AI-based models, encompassing both generative and predictive capabilities. On the generative front, we excel in deploying Large Language Models (LLM) and various Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms. In the realm of predictive modelling, we specialise in deep learning models such as Neural Networks. Our AI models find practical applications in finely tuned context-aware chatbots, text summarisation, sentiment & emotion detection, cognitive analytics, and the prediction of trends, patterns and classes, among other areas.

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We excel in end-to-end machine learning (ML) solutions, covering model development, training, and ML Ops services. We specialise in crafting, training and developing robust ML models that align with clients’ unique requirements and goals. Beyond model development, we offer dedicated ML Ops services for streamlined deployment, monitoring, and maintenance in research and production settings. Our holistic approach, combining collaboration, automation, and scalability, empowers organizations to leverage the full potential of machine learning.

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We specialize in employing a range of econometrics methodologies, aligning with contemporary scientific theories in the domain, tailored to systematically identify and test hypotheses, and discern causal relationships. Our approach, grounded in domain-specific current scientific literature, provides businesses with insights into the factors driving key metrics. Through the use of explainable models, we not only empower our clients to enhance strategic planning but also optimize processes & performance, allocate resources efficiently, and ultimately achieve more robust and data-driven decision-making.

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At the forefront of our market research services is a commitment to comprehensive and nuanced data collection. Our expertise encompasses meticulous survey design, insightful questionnaire development, and dynamic focus groups. Leveraging the digital landscape, we seamlessly integrate online survey portals, ensuring a user-friendly experience for participants. Our commitment extends to innovative data collection techniques, capturing evolving consumer and stakeholder sentiments. This multifaceted approach empowers businesses with a comprehensive understanding of their target audience.

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Operating Since


On the principle that…

Thought, not money, is the real business capital.

– Harvey S. Firestone

Proprietary Algorithms

Specifically designed to detect any potential bias against our client organisations in the information-space. This cutting-edge algorithm meticulously evaluates data patterns, content dissemination and engagement metrics, providing a comprehensive understanding of the information landscape.

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State-of-the-Art algorithm that aligns AI cognition to Human Psychology and tracks various psychological constructs such as sentiments and emotions for client orgainizations across various information transmission channels.

Selected Case Studies


Feasibility for Ivy-League Medical School opening a branch in the GCC

Health Care

Market Entry for a Medical Laboratory in the GCC

Public Services

Analysing Impact of Advertising of Fast-Food on Children’s Consumption


Data-Driven Feasibility Study for Sustainable Building Material Manufacturing Plant

Public Services

Using LLM & NLP to benchmark services to People of Determination


Predictive Modelling for Customer Loyalty & Churn Management

Recent Articles

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Econometrics, Machine Learning

Controlling for Unobserved Heterogeneity in Statistical Modelling


Fine Tuning Large Language Models (LLM) Chatbots

Artificial Intelligence

The Information Highway to your Market!