Marketways Arabia is a Data-driven Research Lab and Consultancy firm
Specializing in helping clients Create Value from Data-both internal and external, through

High End Data Analytics &



Data Mining & Analytics

We offer vendor independent statistical and data analytical consulting, training, and data mining services  related to quantitative as well as qualitative analysis .

Market Research

We do more than deliver data,We deliver insights! We conduct customized B2B & B2C surveys for both quantitative & qualitative research segments.

Business Intelligence

We improve your Business Decisions by providing you real-time dashboard of Intelligence on historical, current, and predictive views of your business operations.

Strategy & Planning

We develop laser focused Marketing Strategy for your target based on the in-depth insights from research and analytics resulting in incredibly high and sustainable ROI &  Equity.


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Use of High End Analytics

We use High End Analytics and Machine Learning Techniques to create robust models.

Brilliant Analytics Team

Our team is made up of highly qualified and seasoned consultants.

Experience in solving Complex Problems

As consultants, we are approached to solve unique and complex problems.

Actionable & Accurate Insights

Our Analytics and research insights are evidence based and geared towards actionable and practical recommendations.

Impressive References

Over 13 years of experience working for leading organizations across the GCC.


Leveraging Data Science & Machine Learning

Employing Machine Learning & Artificial intelligence – We are one of a kind consultancy in the region , providing unique combination of well integrated Advanced Analytics and Market Research solutions.

Seasoned Team of consultants

Our team consists of highly qualified and seasoned consultants who have specialized in Management, Advanced Analytics, Marketing , Research & statistics.

Ability to solve Complex Problems

We specialize in solving complex problems and offer a unique perspective that gives our clients the edge in moving towards their corporate vision.

Actionable and Accurate Insights

Our insights are geared towards providing our clients with actionable roadmaps and optimized milestones to work towards.

Impressive Repertoire of References

We have worked for leading organizations across all major industries and have an impressive repertoire of industry references.

Our Specialization

Customer Analytics for leveraging Customer Acquisition and relationships

Maximize customer acquisition & lifetime value through Customer Behavior modeling for personalized marketing, dynamic price & promotions modeling and smart product bundling using our Customer Analytics algorithms.

Retail Analytics for enriching customer experience and your sales!

Retail Analytics Algorithms that leverage the massive & diverse datasets produced by consumer buying behavior to develop key Insights for market basket analysis , recommender systems and more which enable you to make smarter decisions toward higher profits, better customer satisfaction, and personalizing in-store experiences for your customers .

Business Feasibility Studies with Predictive Modeling

Clear & complete understanding of the market data , including demand forecasting, price elasticity, customer expectations, supply chain optimization and more using sophisticated Predictive Modeling techniques.

Market Landscape & Competition Analysis Studies

Grass-root level information, systematically gathered and scientifically analyzed to infer business insights, emerging trends & market opportunities.

Case Studies