Using LLM & NLP to benchmark services to People of Determination

Public Services

For an international benchmarking study of services and benefits provided to people of determination needs all over the world, advanced text analytics techniques were used to analyze secondary research data from over 200 websites and publications containing more than five thousand pages.

The text analytics algorithms such as Large Language Models (LLM) were trained to summarise publications and index key categories for services and benefits and classify standards and practices of different countries under each category accurately. An index of different types of disabilities category was also developed along with most frequent services and benefits provided for each disability category.

In addition , Natural Language Processing algorithms such as Sentiment Analysis was also used on the comments, articles and suggestions given by the people with special needs and their families in order to prioritise issues across various metrics.

The results also revealed an international trend analysis of the most popular and relevant benefits and services and beneficiaries reactions and feedback on the same.

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