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As a Market research company in Dubai since 2004, we offer expertise and full range of solutions in quantitative & qualitative research for all market segments.

We have worked on diverse project scopes across all major industries in the region. Hence, we truly understand the local environment. Consequently, we have come up with creative ways to conduct meaningful market research in the region.

Our market research data is carefully gathered, systematically validated and then interpreted by our statisticians and analysts who deliver clear and meaningful market foresights.

With out market research solutions our clients gain an in-depth knowledge map of the market landscape including their customers and competitors.


We have developed a wide range of research services to suit your information needs, time and budget:

Customized Research Solutions – Designed to address your specific information needs.

Subscription Research Solutions – Low cost and fast turn-around solutions using our panels and groups.

Syndicated Research Solutions – Regular, periodic reports on several industry segments.


“Research is creating new knowledge.” — Neil Armstrong

That’s why we, as a leading market research company in Dubai, offer different types of Research methods that fulfill the needs of each and every type of research requirement. Our Research methods meet very high standards of quality and fulfill the needs of our customers. Click here to read more about our Research Types.


“Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought.” – Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

Our studies have highly Structured, Scientific and Statistically Valid Research Design, Extremely Stringent Quality Controlled Field Work, Sophisticated Analytics leading to Actionable Insights. Click here to read more about our Research Process.


“We cannot solve our problems with the same method we used to create them” – Albert Einstein

That’s why – We challenge ourselves and our clients to use Market Research more creatively in order to solve problems, develop insights and connect with their customers. Use our Innovative, Efficient and Cost-Effective Techniques. Click here to read more about our Innovative Research Techniques.


“An army of principles can penetrate where an army of soldiers cannot.” – Thomas Paine

As a leading market research company in Dubai since 2004, we understand the value of Accurate Information in your Decision Making and Business Success and hence base all our work on highly ethical codes of research practice. Click here to know more about our Research Principles in detail.

Market Research Solutions

  • Customer Behavior & Attitude Survey

  • Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey

  • Qualitative Focus Groups

  • Employee Equity & Engagement Survey

  • Mystery Shopping Survey

  • Benchmarking Studies

We confidently stand by our research data, analysis and recommendations.

We invite you to get intouch with us for more information.

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